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Some anti-wrinkle creams tone up the skin, improving its overall appearance. Others help firm up the skin from below, stretching and filling out creases and wrinkles in the skin. Still others work by enhancing the natural healing properties of the skin, allowing the skin to replace dry and wrinkled skin with healthy new skin. They help increase the production of substances such as collagen which are involved in the regeneration of skin. Many anti-wrinkle creams contain moisturizer, which helps to keep skin smooth and supple. Often, wrinkles are caused by the skin being too dry, which allows it to fold and wrinkle easily. Moisturizer helps hydrate the skin, making it more elastic and able to spring back into shape after being stretched or folded. This is very effective in the prevention of wrinkle formation. Some anti-wrinkle creams include ingredients such Vitamins A and E, which are essential for healthy skin. Such creams nourish the skin, helping the natural healing process of the skin by providing the right ingredients for the skin to repair itself. Anti-wrinkles creams that work in this manner are considered to be the most natural, as they do not rely on artificial or synthetic substances to restore the skin to its youthful state. Many people with wrinkles or who are beginning to develop wrinkles are joining the




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